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dimanche 9 décembre 2012, par Gayle Austin

Austin and her accomplice spend days each week going through the latest music, forgotten gems, remixes, and obscure tracks across genres and decades. Live to air, they create “an open space, a fluid journey that is responsive to the input of listeners around the globe.”

Austin says community radio is crucial in today’s media landscape :

“It is the only place young people can train and get some air miles under their belts. This places them in a better position to in turn get employment in the main broadcasting arena. Community radio also gives a lot more room to explore and find yourself before you have to button yourself into the straight jackets required in the media these days. It is also a platform for voices other than the few we get to hear in the mainstream.”

Community radio “is a love thing for all who work in it,” she says. “It restores my faith in the possibilities for people to have a voice, and also the room to explore the art of communication and real dialogue with listeners, and engagement with process.”

Why is it still important with so many new stations available on digital and the internet ?

“I suppose it’s like the difference between vinyl and CD’s... it’s warmer. It’s about lots of people working together whereas internet and digital stations place less emphasis on the people part. Don’t get me wrong, I also love all the potential that is being opened up through the internet. I am currently having lots of fun seeing how the notion of community can be broadened out into a global thing on Curved Radio, live and streaming.”

Excerpt from radioinfo.com


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