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Brendan Byrne

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Brendan Byrne Research Assistant (March 2006 - April 2007) e : info(at)anotherday(dot)org(dot)uk Brendan is a practising artist and academic at University College Falmouth. His current artwork combines his own individual practice, research and numerous collaborative projects with an international profile.

Brendan’s work, Another Day, was exhibited at the Ormeau Baths Gallery, Belfast in Perspective 05, to considerable critical acclaim. (For more details see www.anotherday.org.uk). He recently exhibited at the Liverpool Biennial and at the If Museum, Poznan, Poland and New York, USA. He has a forthcoming show in Paris, France.

Thematically he produces interactive work which questions relationships between technology and identity in late Capitalism. Using independent electronics and software based mechanisms (such as MAX/MSP Jitter, Teleo and Pd/GEM) the work senses elements of the viewer/user and feeds back audio, visual and haptic events. Much of the work also uses net based techniques to explore experiences of ’nowness’ using webcams and VJing techniques of real time processing in installations and public art works.

Recent work includes robotic and wireless technology collaborations.

His work in iRes is part of his collaborative project with Ana Carvalho, whith whom he is co-editing the book about VJ theory.

Brendan recently ran a series of workshops for interactive art at the AVIT International VJ Festival.

Brendan is part of the core team of the MA Interactive Art and Design


VJ Theory and Real Time Interaction Editor with Ana Carvalho, Sub Editors, Paul Mumford and Lara Houston. See call for abstracts/synopses of proposed articles (www.anotherday.org.uk/brendanlinks/vjtheory/vjtheory.html).

Art in Hidden Places with Magda Tyzlik-Carver (Poland), Ana Carvalho (Portugal) and Ben Carver (UK). (http://art-in-hidden-places.blogspot.com)

Conversation Drawing Machine with Emma Churchill. A robotic wireless drawing machine using CIA ’truth and lie’ detector circuitry to draw a conversation.

Landings with Stephen Page, local school children and pensioners. Representing of the experience of evacuees to Cornwall.

www.anotherday.org.uk - http://art-in-hidden-places.blogspot.com

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Source Brendan Byrne @ iRes (Research in Network Theory)

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